About us

Established in 1996, deGroots media showcases the best restaurants, experiences and gourmet products Australia has to offer for both local and international visitors. 

We started as Australia’s first hospitality magazine in print form that could be found extensively on coffee tables across the country and soon proceeded to be the first digital magazine that housed restaurant listings, their features, events, specials, menus, chef information, awards and reviews. We were also the one-stop shop to learn about Aussie favourites, most visited, recommended and chef acclaimed restaurants. Our popular column 'Top 10' which is updated monthly received great attention from visitors from all across the country and internationally. The website also hosts columns such as “Where the Best Chefs Eat', 'Restaurant of the Month', chef interviews and general blog posts, which have credited the company with tremendous popularity across the industry. 

Around August 2012, the current Best restaurants website was designed and it was around the same time that we launched Australia’s first Best Restaurant Gift card with over 800 restaurants accepting the card as a payment method. 

After a decade since its launch, Best Restaurants of Australia still remains Australia's most premium food gift card in the market. It brings you the best of Australian favourites suited to all occasions and budgets. Whether you’re craving a great piece of meat or on a journey to checklist all vegan restaurants across Australia, this is a winner. With over 450 restaurants to choose from and 3 years to decide, this one’s a foodie favourite. Besides, who doesn’t like going to a restaurant when someone else is paying for it?

We continue to innovate and bring you the BEST of Australian hospitality.


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