How Our Gift Card Works

Best Restaurants of Australia is an easy-to-use and premium dining gift card. Available in both physical and digital formats, this restaurant voucher is accepted at over 400 venues across Australia. Choose from $100, $250, $500 or custom values. Physical gift cards also have the choice of adding a gift box and greeting card, while e-gift cards allow for a personalised message. Simply follow the steps below, and it won’t be long before you’re dining and drinking at your favourite destinations.

Accepted at 400+ Restaurants including

Why a Best Wineries Gift Card?

Valid for 3 years

Accepted Australia-wide

Used to purchase wine online

Over 100s of options to choose from

Available in digital or physical

How it works

  1. Step: 1

    Buy a physical or digital Best Wineries gift card

  2. Step: 2

    Gift Card is mailed out to the recipient, or emailed out for digital

  3. Step: 3

    Download the Best of Australia App to add your gift card to wallet and see where you can spend your card.

  4. Step: 4

    Dine at the restaurant of your choice and present card at payment. Don’t worry, restaurants know what to do.

    Find a restaurant
  5. Step: 5

    Tell your friends what a wonderful experience you had using your Best Wineries Gift Card.